Laura Bell

From “The Alba Series” found at ilikethisart

Who Needs a Cabinet

Helmut Smits’ “Without Cabinet” with books, TV, lamp, speakers, record player, video cassettes, CDs, LPs, cassette tapes, binders, boxes.

Merry Xmas

found at dvdp

Re: is a projection-mapping installation that uses mirrors projecting on the projector itself. The work’s by Bram Snijders and was inspired by Carolien Teunisse research on augmented reality.

Dran's New Book "I Love My World"

The Kingdom got Banksy and France got, well, Monsieur Dran. Dran belongs to the most exciting street artists out there at the moment. He’s exhibiting his work alongside Banksy in London’s POW, and now his satiric view to the world’s…

Chalk-bags by BeeBag

BEEBAG manufactures custom rock climbing chalk-bags and launches their product¬†on the 17th December at the Nachtmark in Zurich. The chalk-bags can be individually designed upon order. It’s a pure Swiss handcraft product and every bag is made out of different…

Western Imports

Cayetano Ferrer’s impressive “western imports” project.


Space Odyssey feeling on the ground in Kyoto. The 9hour is a capsule hotel offering minimalistic living space, Japan style. 1 hour shower, 7 hours sleeping, 1 hour chilling and 15 hours lost in translation.