Map marker by Aram Bartholl:

If I Saw You in Heaven

Portraits of homless citizens by Specter.

Sliced Bunker
Stolen Moments
Where All The Time Goes
24 Hours in a Single Shot

Chris Kotsiopoulos composed a stunning 24 hours image of about 500 startrail, 35 Sun sequence and 25 landscape shots. Details about how he done it can be found here. And the explanations are in the image below:

The Beauty of Industrial Destruction

The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth in Crisis by J. Henry Fair takes readers on a journey to bear witness to the environmental destruction that is currently plaguing our planet; from a forest in West Virginia devastated by…

The Wrinkles of the City

“The Wrinkles of the City” is a world scale project by the French photographer and artist JR. He interviews people about their memories and how they experienced changes to the city they’re living in. Portraits of those people are printed…


An installation by Mischer’Traxler using two old lamps sharing one fluorescent tube.

2010 Failed to Kill Me

found at thisisnthappiness