James Ryang

James Ryang‘s Tokio project:

Philippe Chabot

“My work deals with absurdity, dumbness, disenchantment, cult and decay. I am interested in the ways television, radio, web and entertainment culture affect our social and individual identities. I am also intrigued by the position of painting among all the…

Sonya Kozlova

Sonya, eighteen, born in Moscow, brought up in Milwaukee, soon moving to Manhattan. Via bumbumbum

Public Intimacy Series

A serie by Berlin based street artist Mentalgassi.

Louis Lander-Deacon

By Louis Lander-Deacon: Via Photo Donuts

Bernd Wichmann

Photos by Bernd Wichmann:

The guys over at Kompost released their newest masterpiece “Apple Tree” (and yeah I’m a bit late but better late than never though). Following Spaceman Stu this is their second ad for McDonald’s. Just love their work!


An excellent photo project of Dutch photographer Jan Banning, called Bureaucratics. He describes the project as follows: “Bureaucratics is a project consisting of a book (ISBN 978-1-59005-232-7) and exhibition containing 50 photographs, the product of an anarchist’s heart, a historian’s mind…

Going Green with Tetra Boxes

Ed Chew‘s recycled lamp is made up of empty Tetra boxes which are cut into strips, folded and knotted together without any glue or any kind of adhesive media. Out of approximately 450 empty boxes, the final result is this:…


Madrid artist Spy goes some different ways in street art. Interesting approach.