Christopher Lucania

Painting, well, Christopher Lucania‘s work more than that. Sure he uses common paint like oil and acrylic but he also introduce unusual mediums such as large amount of ink toner, alcohol and plaster. And the result’s mixed media “I like”:…

ramoon - c.o.p mix

New electronic summer tunes mix from the decks of ramoon “c.o.p”. Simply fi-fo-fantastic and looping over my speakers. The mix is available for download over at Wuala.

BMW M3 - Exceed the Maximum

A 50x2m light wall at the Hamburg airport uses the floor as reflective surface and thus extending the canvas. An absolutely brilliant and simply clever ad by Serviceplan Munich.

Lost Astronaut by Alicia Framis

Lost astronaut is a performance and installation by Alicia Framis in New York, 2009.

Wouter Nieuwendijk and Jair Straschnow - Another Picnic Table

“Another picnic table” is a collaboration between Jair Straschnow and Wouter Nieuwendijk. It’s a brilliant approach of combining lounge and eating arrangement and it would do just perfect on my porch.

Kompost‘s Suzi on her scorching bike ride joins the McDonalds Happy Tales. Released on my birthday, nice!

American Portraits by Lasse Damgaard

Lasse Damgaard, a danish photographer, travelled across the United States shooting portraits. A collection was recently published in the book “American Portraits“, a truly inspiring piece of work. The book’s part of  set to depict the diversity of the human…

Studio Eins by Matthias Heiderich

I do really appreciate Matthias Heiderich’s project “Studio Eins“, mostly because his wonderful clean style.  

Christian Gideon - What if you lived at Ikea?

Christian Gideon‘s project “What if you lived at Ikea“.

La Belle Vie

“La Belle Vie” is the first solo exhibition by Paris based street artist Ludo at the Starkart Gallery in Zurich. In advance of the opening Ludo spent time out on the streets of Zurich pasting up whole pieces around the…