Taste doesn't need a name

Taste doesn’t need a name

It’s summer and we were out as some of you probably realised. The weather doesn’t know how to behave and certainly summer went to, erm where to actually? With a feeling of autumn it’s time to get things into gear…

Wouter Nieuwendijk and Jair Straschnow - Another Picnic Table

Wouter Nieuwendijk and Jair Straschnow – Another Picnic Table

“Another picnic table” is a collaboration between Jair Straschnow and Wouter Nieuwendijk. It’s a brilliant approach of combining lounge and eating arrangement and it would do just perfect on my porch.

Going Green with Tetra Boxes

Going Green with Tetra Boxes

Ed Chew‘s recycled lamp is made up of empty Tetra boxes which are cut into strips, folded and knotted together without any glue or any kind of adhesive media. Out of approximately 450 empty boxes, the final result is this:…

A History of the World

Parsing an xml dump of all wikipedia articles (20gb), 424k articles with coordinates, 35k reference to events, and cross referenced them into 14’238 events with locations. Played in 100 secs. Stunning project by Gareth Lloyd.

Japan 3 - Hope

Japan 3 – Hope

Via Tumbler

Japan 2 - Fukushima mon Amour by Yossi Lemel

Japan 2 – Fukushima mon Amour by Yossi Lemel

  The illustration’s by the Israeli poster artist Yossi Lemel. Via quipsologies

Chalk-bags by BeeBag

Chalk-bags by BeeBag

BEEBAG manufactures custom rock climbing chalk-bags and launches their product on the 17th December at the Nachtmark in Zurich. The chalk-bags can be individually designed upon order. It’s a pure Swiss handcraft product and every bag is made out of different…



Space Odyssey feeling on the ground in Kyoto. The 9hour is a capsule hotel offering minimalistic living space, Japan style. 1 hour shower, 7 hours sleeping, 1 hour chilling and 15 hours lost in translation. http://9hours.jp/